Chicken Pens – Here’s One Reason You MIGHT Want to Pen Up Your Chickens

I know, at times, you might feel like chicken pens are too constrictive for your hens.

You may feel like it's unhealthy and unfair to keep them penned up up like that.

However ...

This is something you NEVER want to see your chickens doing.

Here's a couple shots of one of my neighbors hens ... going out for a stroll around the neighborhood.

chicken escaping from neighbours garden

chicken walking on fence

rogue chicken on fence

Climbing over your fence ... OR anyone else's fence. NOT GOOD!


Along with the fact that your garden is one of the best varieties of food in your chicken's world. Your neighbor's garden is the '2nd' best food in their world.

And if your neighbor catches sight of one of your hens ... it could be ... dead. No ifs ... ands ... or buts about it.

So, that is why I suggest a minimum mesh and wire height of 6 feet for fencing chickens into their chicken pens, or for keeping them out. WHY 'at least' 6 feet?

Because chickens CAN fly!

Yep ... And you want to keep yours alive as long as possible

So, this height should detain most chickens from crossing over the tracks, as they say. To be honest, 6 feet is really nothing for some chickens, so you might need to think about taller fencing, OR a covered run area, OR clipping (one of) their wings.

Poultry Wire / Mesh for Your Chicken Pens - 1" Mesh or Smaller is BEST!

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