Ever Heard of Raising Your Chickens on the Roof?

It would have seemed odd to me, under normal circumstances...

but a couple weeks ago I got a very strange request from a reader who wants to build small garden plots on top of his warehouse type roof, so that he can raise chickens on them.

Now, looking back on the mesage he sent, I'm thinking to myself, that's pretty cool! He wants to be mostly organic, and completely 100% self sufficient.

And then I read this, in the Dayton Daily news:

In 1909, Chef J. Redrey was brought in to oversee the fourth-floor, formal dining room. The Sunday menu included lobster cocktail, green sea turtle soup, fresh crab meat a la Newburg, roast prime beef dema glace, steamed potatoes, filet mignon Stanley, German asparagus, Nesselrode pudding, Roquefort cheese and coffee. To ensure patrons received only the freshest product, a chicken coop was built on the hotel's roof.

What do you think?

Is raising chickens on the roof a good idea?
Is it really possible to do?
What is the best way to do it?

Well here is a photo of one rooftop garden chicken coop

keeping chickens on a roof
Some good points I can see straight away are that it saves space in your backyard - and it must be harder for four legged predators to get to 🙂

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