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“I want to thank you for your very informative newsletter. I signed up recently and have had a great time reading through the back issues, I especially enjoy the photos sent in by your readers of their chickens and coops.”

Barb Gates

“Gina-I just had to email and let you know how much I enjoy the newsletter! Honest to god everything comes to a halt until I get to go through it page by page.”

Kim Mattson

“Great newsletter! Fantastic photos and stories. I especially liked the “portable coop” story – great ideas in there!”

Julia Kelly

"As always, a great newsletter. Thank you so much for all of the information we get from it. We have enjoyed the chickens so much that we put in an order for more. My husband calls them his girls. It is rather funny, if you knew him like I do you would see the humour in it. We are so glad that we found your site!!!!"

Amy Fletcher

"Just read the newsletter and wanted to write and tell you what a joy it is. It's been a year since we started receiving it and it's grown tremendously. I can tell you put your heart into it and I am very proud to receive it."

Jennifer McLaughlin