Hen House (21-33 chickens)


A 12x7 house originally used as a coop for twenty layers or a breeding pen for one rooster and twelve hens

For twenty-one - thirty-three chickens

The dimensions of this house are 12 feet long, 7 feet wide, 7 feet high in front and 5 feet high at the back. In case a somewhat larger house is wanted, the dimensions may be enlarged as follows: Length, 14 feet; width, 8 feet; height in front, 7½ feet; height in rear, 5½ feet. This will preserve the proportions and give nearly one-half more floor space. The original designer of this coop built and used several of these houses over his years keeping chickens and found them to be good in summer and winter as there is a window in the front and on the end. As soon as warm weather would come he would take out both windows replacing them with wire to let the air circulate freely through the house. Strong meshed wire tacked on the outside of the window frames keeps the chickens in and the "varmints" out.