Chicken Coop Pictures – For Fun Ideas And Inspiration

//Chicken Coop Pictures – For Fun Ideas And Inspiration

Chicken Coop Pictures – For Fun Ideas And Inspiration

Here's a compilation of some  different chicken coop pictures that a few readers of the keeping chickens newsletter have shared with me over the last little bit ...It's important to know what you want out of a chicken coop, because there are SO MANY different types and styles out there.

And these are just a few of chicken coop designs you can pick from. These designs go from simple, to difficult, from small, to large, and from cheap, to super expensive. I hope some of these chicken coop pictures give you some great planning ideas:

  • There are stationary chicken coops. Like these:

stationary chicken coop

country cottage chicken coop

Converted coops like these

converted boat trailer

Converted Boat Trailer

converted wooden playset

Converted Wooden Playset

  • There are TONS of mobile chicken coops. Like these:

mobile chicken coops

  • And that's just the coops. Wait until you see what all is available for perches, runs, feeding, watering, nesting, roosting, health, etc ...

egg baskets

nestboxes and pop hole

All of these, PLUS a whole bunch more are key factors for chicken coop ideas.

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